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    List of Problems after updating to Oxygen OS 4.5.13



      I have updated my device to the latest Oxygen OS version 4.5.13 and this is a rundown of the issues that I'm facing after the update.

      Before that I'd like to Inform that I have cleared the cache partition and also performed a Factory Data Reset after the update. And the problems still persists.


      1. Phone's Temperature is unusually high. Meaning the phone is Heating up. Even merely playing songs for 15 minutes brings my phone's Temperature up to 35°C.


      2. WiFi drops frequently. I'll have to turn off the WiFi and turn it back on and sometimes even that doesn't work and so I have to restart my device to get the WiFi going.


      These are the two main Problems that I and various others are having as seen from the comments in the "4.5.13 Update Mega Thread".


      Please help.



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      List of Problems after updating to Oxygen OS 4.5.13


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