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    High Amount Bill Issue With Vodafone


      Hi All,

      I have been using my vodafone postpaid connection for the past 4 years and have been a customer since it was named as hutch.

      But regularly in the recent past am having billing issues.

      I received a call from Vodafone RM asking me to upgrade my existing 2g to 3g service, however i have denied the offer as i already had a seperate number used via dongle and requested them to upgrade my vodafone 2g pack( 98) to 199 Pack, the same was agreed by the RM and however this is not reflected in my account statement and i have been charged 4500+ rupees for using additional 400 MB of 2g service

      when i contacted vodafone they are claiming that they dont have any proof for the call i received and they are not willing to negotiate the bill

      Now my account has been suspended and am not able to use the service plus in a position to lose a number that i have using for 7+ Years since it was hutch.


      Please help.



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      High Amount Bill Issue With Vodafone


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