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    Globe falsely bills many customers P4800 on Zero-Cashout contract


      Globe has erroneously billed us PHP 4,800.00 on a Zero-Cashout (FREE) contract two months later


      This was a discounted limited time offer at the local Globe store in September:


      notice it says: "FREE with ThePLAN..."

      iPhone Free (1 of 1).jpg


      In the first month they had already messed up the availed packs and overcharged by P700, now it's even worse!


      Here is our iPhone 6 contract:


      Globe Phone Adela.png


      Todays bill:


      Globe Bill 2017-11.png


      Watch out, because Globe has been making mistakes like this very frequently this year, and always to the detriment of the customer.


      What is your experience?