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    Anybody experiencing unwanted data charges with Globe Prepaid WIFI?


      In one month, I have subscribed to GOSURF 50 four times. Each time, I would notice that the data allocation is used up unusually fast (way before the 3 days that it's supposed to last). I've made four complaints with Globe customer service and each time they find that there were unwanted data charges so they offer to return the load that was used up. Subscribing to SURFALERT does not help. It's been such a hassle because I run out of data in the middle of my work and I've wasted a lot time speaking to customer service agents. I would sometimes have to follow up several times for one complaint and would be told that the previous agent did not make the proper report. Has anybody had this same problem? Any ideas how to fix it? I've been told it's a system error but it's been happening too frequently to be just a random occurrence (four out of four times).