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    Issues Sending Courses to 920xt



      1) Once a course has been created on Garmin connect can I transfer this via ANT+? My device is connected in Garmin Express via ANT+ however as soon as I click "Send to Device" from the course page in Garmin Connect it asks me to plug in the device


      2) I have bluetooth on my laptop. Is it possible to send a course to my forerunner via bluetooth?


      3) When I save a course on Garmin connect, I've tried to send it to my device from my iPhone. I can see the Garmin connect course on my iPhone and when I attempt to send it to my device, the upload icon appears on my device and the app shows it is syncing, however the course will not always load. It took me half an hour of trying today which is incredibly frustrating when you want to get out!


      Connecting my device directly seems to be more successful but I'd prefer to use a wireless option if possible.


      Please help.



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      Issues Sending Courses to 920xt - Garmin


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