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    The subcon installers didn't leave the modem and the phone upon installation. When will the installation be completed?


      The installers came to my house to lay down the wire and install the modem and the phone, however, when they checked the Globe box to connect my line, it wasn't working, they said the 6 slots were defective and they need to report it to Globe to fix the box. They said someone will call me from Globe to inform me if it's already fixed, in the meantime they will pull out the modem and the phone until Globe fix the connection. They left their service phone with me and connect it to the phoneline, they said once the phone gets a dial tone someone from globe will call me regarding the status of the installation. I checked the following morning and heard a dial tone, but until now no one from Globe is calling me. I went to one of their service centers and just inform me to wait for a call and was told to try calling 171, I called 171, but there's no option to check on your installation application. I sent a message via Globe's FB page and was also informed to wait for their call. I just hope my account didn't take effect when they laid down their wiring (without the modem and phone) and I just hope they'll fix it and install the modem and phone immediately since they just left the installation hanging.