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    What happens when you continue on the plan without recontracting?


      Newbie in this community.


      My Mom is currently on the BEST EVER MySuperPlan 1799.


      I just recently reviewed her phone bill and saw that her plan has a consumable value of P3200 - P999 of which is used for GoSurf 5Gb, and P1,100 is used by an iphone 5S phone, and the rest is left to consumables (P1101).


      Question:  It is now year 2017.  The iphone model is now iphoneX.  I know for a fact this plan is no longer under contract. 


      I am wondering - how come the iphone 5s is still being charged against her plan’s P3200 peso value?   Shouldn’t this have been converted to consumables after the contract lapsed? 


      Thank you for any enlightenment.