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    How to Report a Globe cell site without power


      Hi, everyone. Newbie member here. I specifically joined this community in order to get an answer to my question about how to report a Globe cell site located in Banaue, Ifugao, that has been without power or electricity for the past three weeks.


      The cell site which is located in Barangay Viewpoint, Banaue, Ifugao has been without power for 3 weeks now. While the cell site is able to operate using a generator, the nearby communities near the cell site do not have electricity. Globe has an earlier arrangement with the nearby communities and the local electric cooperative (Ifugao Electric Cooperative or IFELCO) that they will share the use of the electric poles that bring electricity to the cell site and the nearby communities. Three weeks ago, some of these electric poles were affected by strong rains and winds thus causing the blackout. Some community members already asked IFELCO to repair these poles to restore electricity but the cooperative insists that Globe should be the one to make the formal request to them.


      So my question is, which office in Globe can be contact about this concern. The local manager of the Globe cell site is not acting on it, otherwise repairs would have been made.


      I called Globe Customer Care and they instructed me to go the nearest Globe store where I am. I went to the Globe Store in SM Baguio and the customer care agents there referred to the Globe Hotline (211), who also could not point me to the right people to talk to.


      I hope the Globe Community can help me with this problem. Please help bring back electricity in these communities who badly need it.