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    From Promo MisInformation to Customer Service Satisfaction.


      Hindi na po ako natutuwa sa Globe services. From a very small concern about their promo to their Customer Services. I supposed this should be discussed to the highest concerning member of the company. I had an issue with the misleading information on the text response being sent after redeeming a reward or creating a promo which is the FB1D. Its is clearly states,”You may now enjoy unlimited Facebook surfing valid for 1 day. To check on the status, text FB1D<space>STATUS to 8080. Thank you!”. So I had this belief, that Globe has Unlimited service for 1 day Facebook Access. I raised this issue since hindi ko na sya matiis. I called the Customer Service Hotline for an explanation that all I wanted to know and understand only is, why letting the customer being informed that the said promo is Unlimited where in fact it has an allocation only of 100mb/day. I asked a representative about this but not giving me the answer to my question. Then, I asked for a Supervisor, which the rep put Robert (supervisor’s name) on the phone. In more than 30minutes of us talking over and over again with the same question that I was throwing to him and the same answer which was exactly pertaining to the said promo information but not addressing what answer I would want to hear from him. While I already raised my voice that time, he became more irritated listening to me and refusing to what I am saying and asking. After a while, he dropped my call.


      Sincerely Globe? First, NTC has filed this Fair Usage Policy to the users/consumer but they never checked what Globe has been doing to their subscribers. Second, what a waste of time dealing with your people thru customer service hotline and wasting money to a non-sense services. Third, your representatives even the higher position in the Hotline Services should always bear in their mind that they should give to their subscribers what they deserve (good or bad) hence, it wont be tolerated. And lastly, a corporate email should be given so it would be directly address to the board of directors so they will know how conflicting it is to deal with the Telecom and the company services they are offering to the point that it is really tiring to speak with your reps.