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    No bayantel wifi after bill payment


      Hi, I have been a bayantel user for almost 4 years now. Up until they got bought by Globe Telcom I had not had much issues. But recently over the past one year I have been getting bills that say I have missed payments, and it's not true. Up until last month my bill were correctly charged, and I only payed the the amount for which I had been registered. But suddenly this month's bill showed that I had an unpaid balance. And when I got home the next day I didn't have any connection. So I immediately went and paid the full amount, regardless of if it was real or inaccurate. And it's been more than 36 hours and I still didn't have Any connection when I left home today morning. I demand to know why, even after 24 hours my connection has not returned? And don't tell me it's probably an issue with the wires in the area cause I know it's not, and my neighbors who use bayantel as well has not been having any issues. Can I talk to someone responsible enough to deal with this??