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    Prepaid load deduction


      I recently purchased my sim and load at naia when i arrived last dec 14. Since then i just made a couple of calls and text, but never did i turned on my cellular data. I keep getting messages that i was connecting to the internet so i disabled all apps that is able to use the net. I even changed the setting for cellular data connection and still i keep getting messages regarding internet usage. out of the 500 pesos prepaid i have purchased, 200+ php have been deducted from this scheme of internet usage. I can provide screens for my settings and background apps. i have never experienced this kind of scheme from any other network, local or abroad, so please don't blame my phone. From the attachements, i have never reset my data usage since i purchased the sim.


      Message was edited by: Lance Ynez I just received again a prepaid load deduction. It really is frustrating since i am saving my precious balance and still i am being deducted even if i am connected to a wifi. Sheesh.