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    Keeping our lines open for a month: upgrade installation delay


      Question: What should be my next course of action after everything I went through to upgrade our plan and still not getting anything substantial and having to go back to square one?


      We started communications with Globe to explore the upgrade plan offered by its loyalty department since our account is old enough for such and because of the underwhelming service, we were trying to contrast the plan with other ISPs as we were eyeing a particular option. That was last December 5 when I first called Globe's helpline. I was advised to keep our lines open for the call-out of the loyalty department. After a frustratingly long wait of keeping our lines open and one cancellation of the call-out, I finally got to talk with someone from the loyalty department on December 18. That's 13 days later.


      Because a new bill statement passed by, we decided to stay with Globe and upgrade the plan to their fiber technology plan regardless of the matrix we prepared comparing other ISPs' packages. A schedule was set to 3-5 days later which was 21, 22, and, unfortunately, because of the holidays, 27. We just have to keep our lines open when exactly the technicians will pay a visit.


      Skipping the delays of a wrong serialization of the Android TV add-on and an unlucky system enhancement that precluded actual processing of the request, December 27 passed by without progress. It was revealed that the wrong ID for the Android TV delayed everything so I earnestly requested that if it was possible, Globe should install the line and just follow-up with the device when it was available. Apparently, that was not an option because it was requested together and should be delivered at the same time. So I pleaded that they instead just cancel the Android TV subscription if it will continue to delay the installation. I was told to keep our lines open for feedback.


      Come December 29, just before midnight, I called the helpline and, after waiting for more than 20 minutes, was told that Globe canceled my request around 7 pm earlier, without prompting me. Had I not called, I would've waited indefinitely for a feedback that would never come. After clarifying the incident, they agreed that there was a wrong execution of request and the entire process had to start all over again. And I should keep our lines open for further feedback after 24-48 hours.


      December 30 - I called to check if there was any movement regarding my concern. There was none but I was told to wait for the 24-48 hour appointment. I retorted that, having experienced 2 cancellations during this entire process and getting no prompts or calls when they do that, I was too


      December 31 - I called at around 7 pm and was told that I shouldn't expect a call for the rest of the day as the department concerned is about to close at that time. I was assured that they're open the next day despite it being New Year's day. I was also asked what time I preferred to receive the call. I replied that anytime they find convenient would be ok as long as they do call.


      January 1 - I asked if there was any feedback from the backend support team. I was told there was none. Since I called a report was made and I should expect a call AFTER 24 hours.


      If they do make the call after 24 hours and follow through with the 3-5 days to install, we'd have the upgrade by January 5 exactly a month since we inquired about the Plan upgrade.


      I have talked with a supervisor, the escalation team (against protocol), and had an admin coordinate this concern to no effect. All of these higher-ups were initiated by customer representatives without me prompting them to do so as they themselves found our case atypical and frustrating beyond reason. The one time I asked for a supervisor, I, unfortunately, couldn't contact one as their lines were clogged by calls every minute from an incident in Mindanao last December 29.


      If this goes beyond what their last commitment is, say if I do not receive a call on Wednesday, January 3, should I lodge a formal complaint to Globe and then escalate this to the NTC on grounds of poor service handling?