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    Early Re-contracting process


      Just requested last Dec 31 2017 for an early re-contracting since I would like to have a new unit

      Btw, my contract will end May 2018. Still have like 5-4 months remaining on the current one


      Does the process will really take 2 weeks (based on the agent I talked with)?? And does re-contracting will need re-approval like applying for a new account? As ang advise sakin from the chat support was the lead-time would be based from the requirements I sent (which I cant remember the requirements I sent to them, might be the initial requirements I send to them? IDK) and just asked me to wait for a call form the support team.


      Thanks in advance

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          You can re-contract 1 month ahead of time. Im not sure if you can recontract 5 months ahead.


          Additionally, there's no approval necessary if the account's monthly is the same or lower. However, it really depends on your credit limit if you upgraded your plan.


          The recontracting takes 24-48 hours to process.
          The phone delivery time depends on the stock and the current weather.

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              Actually yes. They did allow me to recontract however they did mentioned to me that I need to settle such amount (which I agreed) to process the recontracting.


              Yes my plan is just same no changes.

              Since I requested for an early recontracting last Dec 30, the process took place yesterday till today? Then the rest of the days are alotted to the delivery?

              Hmmmm, make sense.