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    How Can I speak to TM live agent regards my Gosurf299 freebie. Can't avail the 1G freebie, its says Im already registered but I havent.  I tried checking it says 0MB avail.     I always choose the fb freebie. What to do???o


      Hello Guys please help me Im having trouble with my Gosurf299 registration. I had a previous registration but I unsubscribed to it since all MBs are used up and got a message confirming that Im already unsubscribed. So I registered to Gosurf299 again, after getting an SMS sayinf I have to choose what freebie will I get and tried sending Gosurf299 FB as per instruction sent by TM, i got a reply saying that Im already registered to a freebie and no longer allowing to get the 1g freebie which I usually use for FB subscription. Please help.