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    Data Usage on thePlan599: how to track the 1GB free FB per month


      If thePlan599 offers 1GB free FB per month, how can I know if the data charges reflecting in my bill is FB usage or general data usage?

      This plan says I have the following:

      a. 1.5GB data for general usage

      b. 1GB for facebook usage


      However the bill only says data usage = 1,350MB used with no details on the allocation.

      I used facebook mainly on my phone which is around 600MB worth of data (I have an application in my phone to monitor).

      If 600MB was used for facebook, does this mean that out of 1,350MB data used, I have 750MB remaining data for general use?


      Can someone please help me understand? I am afraid to use more than the 1.5GB data allocation since globe charges too much if your not using the gosurf promo.