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      Good day. I would like to follow-up the status of the my transaction made on your branch in UPTOWN MALL,BGC Taguig last December 15, 2017. Please see below timeline of events.


      December 15, 2017 – I went to your branch because he is going to pay our Globe Broadband Plan amounting P 3,010.32 using his CHINABANK debit card. I was attended by your staff named Mr. Joey Maunahan (Officer, he said). When the card has been swiped in your machine, Mr. Maunahan informed me that the machine had an error without informing me that the card has been debited with an amount of P 3,010.32. Not knowing that I was debited, left on your stall. Minute passed on that day also, when I withdraw from an ATM machine and noticed that an amount stated above has been debited in my card. So I went back in your stall in the said mall and looked for Mr. Maunahan. He informed me that the amount debited to me will be returned after an hour. He even gave his name and contact number, in case. I constantly monitor my account that time to check if the money has been returned, but the result is negative. I just decided to wait until tomorrow since it is already late at night.


      December 16, 2017 – I checked my account but still, the money has not been returned. I called the number given by Mr. Maunahan to follow-up the status but the phone just kept on ringing. I called your customer service to report the incident then the agent made a report with reference number UPP17120002216.

      On the next day, I called the hotline again to follow-up our report and the agent informed that my payment was already approved and advised us to go to UPTOWN Mall Globe Store to give our reference number for them to issue us official receipt.


      December 30, 2017 – I went to UPTOWN mall Globe Store together with my wife (account holder) and Mr. Joey Maunahan was there so he approched us. He verified our account but we we’re waiting for almost an hour but still no response from him. So I decided to talk again to customer service from that moment and he let Mr. Maunahan and the CS talk and settle the issue. They just advise us that they will follow-up there team to resolve our concern.


      Today is January 4, 2018 but still there is no status update,no email,no confirmation not even a text message from your team regarding the said concern. Below are the account details for your reference:


      Account Name: May Pelagio

      Acct No: 867915835

      Landline No: 022382412


      We are hoping for your immediate action on this.




      Uptown Mall Globe Store Agents:

      Joey Maunahan - 09062020600

      Ayeb - 09178137813