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    Availed freebie problem


      if i  load and register GS50 it will give me a freebie right? But if i register another one even after unregistering the first one if i text the freebie i want it will say that i availed one already (GOSURF50)

        • Re: Availed freebie problem

          The validity of your freebie is dependent on the time you activated it. For example, if you claimed your freebie one day after registering to GoSURF, then your freebie will end on the day after your GoSURF's expiry. This means if you try to register to GoSURF again during the validity period of your old freebie, you won't be able to claim a new one.


          You may request to have your old freebie removed if you wish to change it. Please call 211.