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    Broadband Application Not Moving Forward Despite Assurances


      I have this problem on my Globe Broadband Application. It was started early December 2017, and now its almost the middle of January 2018, with Globe continually and persistently assuring me of a 24-hour callback that never comes.


      I applied online, and whenever I call the hotline, I am consistently passed back and forth between sales and account, with sales telling me that they can't pull up some details with my account, then account specialists telling me that the progress of my application is actually a matter with sales since they don't have a reference to start off with. They can't seem to get their act together and both don't actually read through or check all the many times I have called where I have this consistent problem. Everytime the answer to my calls is that they have tagged the account as priority for 24-hour response. Which of course never comes, forcing me to call back again the next day. No one seems to be able to identify the problem. I have two reference numbers now, both without any progress.


      I have no idea why I would have this problem with Globe. I was assured online that my neighborhood is within Globe's broadband coverage. I have neighbors who have Globe broadband. One would think that maybe Globe doesn't like new customers.


      Anyway I will follow up one last time tonight. If I receive no quality feedback, I might as well just upgrade my current PLDT myDSL line.