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    Bayantel Landline Reconnection


      Our Bayantel landline was disconnected last month since outgoing calls cannot be made. Prior to this, we have been contacted by Bayantel/Globe (?) to remind us of our payment and we tell them that we have not received our billings for quite a couple of months already. They tell us that this was due to a "change" in their system or whatsoever. Days go by and still, no billing reaches us. We even try to contact them to send it to us but still to no avail. So when we were disconnected, I contacted Globe through Facebook and told what was happening. I expressed by disappointment and unwillingness to pay extra charges due to disconnection. The billing of two months was sent in my email after a few days which I paid in full amount immediately. Now, the customer representative said that we have to pay a reconnection fee of 300 pesos before reconnection which I already said that we are not willing to pay since we believe that it was not our fault that we were not sent our billing statement which we have constantly reminded them to do. What can be done about this?


      Account Name: Lourdes Garcia

      Account Number: 704601004