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    how to pay without billing statement?


      In November last year the emails with my billing statements stopped.

      Since December i am constantly in contact with the usual channels in Messenger and Twitter to solve that issue.

      I cannot access MyAccount, this is due to a ongoing system activity i got told.

      Emails got resent which never arrived. Call backs got promised who never happened.


      Two days ago, just one day after i had the last conversation my account got cut off.

      No prior warning, no message, no hint. Nothing.


      So this brings me to my questions.

      Why is it impossible for this company to give accurate information?

      Why is there a "ongoing system activity" which goes on since 6 weeks already?

      Why do i have a limit of Php 2600 and still get cut off for Php 1294?
      Do i ever again receive billing statements and gain access to my own account?


      All this is very disturbing, frustrating and disappointing.


      Anyone sheds some light on that please. Thank you