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    Upgrading Our Globe Fiber Plan


      Not so long ago we decided to switch to Globe to use their 50mbps 600GB plan
      the 1899 plan
      but we also realized that a 500GB data cap was not enough for all of us
      it hasn't even been half the month yet and we've burned through most of it already
      So, the most logical conclusion is buy the unli plan which was the 2499 50mbps one or the 100mbps 1TB plan or even the 2899 100mbps unli plan

      We already planned at the start of our contract that if 600GB wasn't enough for us we'll just get the bigger plan


      Pretty simple right?

      So we called their hotline and said "hey, we just realized that our plan is not enough for us, do you mind if we upgrade and get plan 2499 instead?"
      and they said "sure you can, we just need to get a representative to check if your area is compatible with our 100mbps plan. Please wait 24-48 hours then we'll get back to you"
      So we waited 2 days (technically 4 but the other 2 were weekend days so it's understandable)

      Those days passed and we called back
      Thay said
      "yup, your area can use the 100mbps fiber line, but you can't upgrade to it"
      "yeah, you need to wait six more months in your contract to be able to upgrade to another plan"

      and we were just dumbfounded at this point, not once have we heard about this six month period

      we literally just want to pay you more to use your services and you wont allow us to
      And fine, I can accept if there is a lock in period, I can accept that
      What I'm angry about is that not once did your representatives mention to us that this was going to happen
      and now we're stuck to buying a 500gb volume boost (which i think is 599 pesos mind you) every month



      Has anyone else experienced this or are we just being thrown around?



      Globe representatives don't tell you everything until the last moment.