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    Globe's False Promise


      Im starting to dislike using gcash, its not stable, and Gcash Care is useless no one is answering to you. Beware of using gcash. The tell me that rest assured that my load will be sent to me withing 24 hours but until now nothing happens. Is gcash that safe?

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          Same problem here, palaging delay yung process if bumili ka ng load sa ibang network, ang tagal.  

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            same, gcash is like a dead service from globe, it took 30+ mins before the load came through, in other services like coins.ph the load goes in instantly

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                And until today, nobody seems to care with my concern. It's almost 1 week now, and nobody seems to care. I already reported my issue to globe last week, but then look. Nothings happening. Should I seek for some legal advise instead?

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                Hello everyone,


                Below are the reason why I consider leaving the GCASH platform.


                1st: When I third party vendor processed a refund, GCASH does not automatically process the refund but we are required to request a ticket creation first and fill out a form done by the Refunds Team and will take 5-15 business days to be completed.


                2nd: They have a 120-day limit for checking and confirming refunds. In my case, I requested a refund with GCASH as Lazada confirmed the refund already. Four months have passed, but GCASH Refunds Team closed the ticket and viola! They can't trace the refunded amounts (yup I have more than one refund requested) and then they cannot refund because of that. ( I called GCASH immediately and created a ticket for refund but nothing was received and i am too busy dealing with other things at that time)


                Customer service rep assured me that she sent a follow up with them and even if the ticket has been closed, they can still do something about it (from which my hope is fading away) so that I can get my refund. This is really a frustrating experience. Why would they set up a system like this. Why does it have to be like this. It is so tiring, I can't give much time for this process just to have my money back. I am willing to be a loyal GCASH customer but why does it have to be like this. So much agony and suffering you are giving to a loyal GCASH customer..

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