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    How can I file a complaint at Globe Telecom


      January 18, 2018


      To Globe Telecom Management:




      This is a formal complaint about my overpayment for my Globe/Bayantel DSL and landline bill. This happened on November 30 last year and up to now, I haven’t received a coherent reply from your company whether I can get the overpayment I erroneously paid to you through Internet banking.


      Details of the event are as follows:


      1. I paid 49,037.26PHP to Globe on November 30, 2017. It was through my bank’s online banking system. Attached here is my payment receipt on my email. The payment was actually for my credit card bill but I mistakenly paid Globe. My monthly service fee from the company is only 1,398.99PHP a month.


      I immediately phoned my bank regarding the overpayment in an effort to file for a chargeback. I checked with an account officer from the Aurora-Anonas Metrobank branch if this is possible. The bank officer was able to contact the Metrobank Main Branch regarding this query and I was informed that the payment was already sent to Innove Communication (Globe Telecom) and there was no way for the bank to stop it or issue a chargeback. I was instructed to file a dispute or refund claim to your company instead.


      2. I have phoned your customer service support numerous times. I have also attached copies of the Reference IDs from those phone calls. I also went to a Globe store in Cubao (Gateway Mall) to issue a formal complaint. I was able to fill up a Refund Request Form (Ref # FUC150010000549) and was told that they’ll update me through phone if they receive any feedback.


      3. A couple of weeks passed and I still haven’t heard from Globe. I asked my daughter to go to a Globe store to follow up. She was able to speak with an accounts specialist at Globe Alimall branch and was told that they’ll follow up a request and try to see whether they can reverse the payment instead of the original refund request to be issued with a check. She gave our numbers and was told that they’ll phone us up for any development. They also took the copy of the Refund Request Form that I filled out at the Gateway branch.


      After a couple of days, I asked my daughter again to call your customer service number and check for any updates as we haven’t heard from you since that last visit at the Alimall branch. She was able to speak with your customer service agent.


      The agent provided details that are both confusing and alarming. When they checked the refund request status, the feedback from the payments department was that we have to contact the ‘depository branch’ and ask for a refund through their channel. Again, we have expressed numerous times that my bank, Metrobank, is unable to reverse the payment. It has to be done by Globe Telecom itself.


      When she asked about the refund process, she was told that your company doesn’t have any. Once a payment has been made, we can’t get it back. We can only transfer it to another Globe account.  She then asked if it was easier to just cancel all our Globe Telecom accounts to get the refund, she was told that we can’t get the money back.


      4. It is now almost two months and I have not been contacted by Globe Telecom. Meanwhile, they are holding  on with my money. This big company is using my money for whatever purpose they want. I am attaching here the latest bill I got from you and it is clear that I overpaid you (by now it’s P44,790.29). You have received my money and yet you refused to reimburse it to me.


      5. I subscribe to numerous services and this is the first time that I’ve heard of a company not having a proper refund process. Globe is a big company and yet it treats it mistreats its customer and holds on to their money like leeches? I am looking at taking some legal matters if you still will refuse to sort out this simple matter.


      Hoping for your cooperation and speedy response regarding this issue.




      Cesar Melencio

      Account number: 707470496

      Globe Number: (02) 4374880