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    Last billing statement


      good day! Just want to clarify, i ask for permanent disconnection of my 2 postpaid lines last december then last billing statement came, 1 account reflected that i paid 3800 less 1909 for previous month billing so i still have 1890 php remaining credit and yet i still need to pay 93.41 and 1 account billed me for spotify premium 129 php i thought if you asked for permanent disconnection all the freebies or subscription comes with it will also be terminated? I called 211 today and the csr (Melody) told me that i don’t need to pay those amounts reflected in the bill and just disregard it since in their system both of my accounts are already terminated/closed. which is which? I don’t want to incur charges and I don’t want to pay for services i did not use either. help! Thanks!

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          I prefer calling them again and as for a reference number that you can tell or hold for future information that your line is already closed. You can also record your conversation for future use.

          If you want, you can also go to a Globe Store and ask for a letter stating that your line was already disconnected and you don't need to pay anything anymore.