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    Billing Problem


      I want to share my exerience right now with Globe. I have been 6 years in Globe as their subscribers with 2 postpaid cell phone lines. I renewed my plans every 2 years,i am now for recontracting again but i cannot renew my contract now because of unbilled charges last 2001-2002, amounting of 6000 pesos for landline subscription that i never applied ever,  nagulat ako i have that unbilled charges. So i go to Globe Trinoma for that complaint and they ask me to make an affidavit of denial, all my personal information except the address was there in that account. Sisilipin pa daw nila ang record even ng bayantel para maclear ang complaint ko, i showed them my government Ids with addresses, none of my ids has an address indicated in that said account, but How come theres a cases like that? Hindi na ba talaga secured ang personal information ng mga subscribers sa inyo Globe? And how long it will takE para masagot ang tanong ko? Hindi ako maka renew because of that? Na hindi ko alam kung bakit nangyare at san or kanino nakuha ang mga information ko? nakakatakot at nakakalungkot na napapagamit nila ang names ng subscribers nila sa iba. And now i plan not to renew my contract with them because of this.

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          But Globe i want to clear my name please. i am also planning to forward this problem sa NTC, ang dami kong nababasa na may mga ganitong cases din pala. Kaya lagi ko rin chinecheck ang SOA dahil lagi rin may on top additional charges, lagi ko na lang tinatawag at pinapa waived. I am hoping to answer my inquiring and complaint to you GLOBE.