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    Delayed handset delivery, why no update?


      Hi Globe,


      I am so fed up with your BS. I was supposed to get my handset delivered last Saturday, 1-20-2018 but no one came and no one sent any form of update as to why. I've been on the phone with several representatives to get my freakin' tracking number but no one can help me, they even DC the line while waiting for a response from your support team. I even talked to one of your supervisors and he even DC the call, all I can say is,"Wow" really? even a supervisor?


      I already filed a complaint with NTC and DTI about this, I have two current accounts with you guys but for Internet services only, tried to add postpaid but still getting the same crappy customer support. As consumers, are we really at your mercy? waiting for you guys to update us or do something about our concerns. Again this is not my first rodeo with your company but I really tried to be patient but again you always prove me wrong that you can be trusted.