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    My internet suddenly go slower and I dont know how to fix this, can anyone help me ?


      So basically i have this Globe broadband for 3 months now and this is the first time i experience this. I bought this modem for 1999 with 50GB and 15mbps or 10 something(i dont really know but it is not that fast and not that low) for months and its apperently good base on my location, like even if i used all the 50gb, the 15 mbps is still good for stuff and theres no buffering. But for some reason my internet got slower, and here i thougth that its because of the game application that i downloaded then when i uninstalled i restarted my computer and the modem thingking that it will go back to normal but its not the case and now i dont know what to do. Can this be fix? if the globe is working something to improve the internet is it given that time to time internet go slower ?