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    Very very slow 10 mbps broadband LTE


      I live in Tayud Consolacion and subscribed to this 10mbps broadband LTE for months now and I was very happy at first seeing its performance. However, days before the sinulog 2018 I needed to switch off my other family's cellphones' wifi if I wanted to play mobile legends. Then when sinulog came there was an advisory that they will weaken the cellphone and broadband connection in accordance with the law. But after sinulog, my connection was never the same or even near. I can hardly access gmail and yahoo.com???



      I do not think for one moment that this is the rate of a 10mbps. Even if the clause says "up to" or even if I chop down to 30% of my speed because I reached quota (which I doubt since we dont even download movies or mp3s or gang up on youtube), this speed is still absurd and will need to be fixed.


      Globe, please do something about this. I believe it's in the location: Tayud Consolacion Cebu 6001