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    I called your customer service hotline for several times and I did not get any resolution. I requested for a supervisor but I've been hold for almost an hour. What is the purpose of you haveing CSR agents if they can't help you with just simple concerns?


      I'm always recharging my phone P100.00. Everytime I'm registering to a P90.00 promo, my remaining balance which is P10.00 got stolen by globe and that's happening everytime. I can't call their customer service hotline because you need to have at least P7.50 which obviously I don't have it anymore because they already stole it. Can you help me guys what legal action can we execute against globe? This kind of criminal act of globe should stop or they will end up ripping of people who can't complain about it simply because we don't know the process on how to make a complaint.