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    GCash transaction history


      How to check GCash transaction history? I want to see the history in every transactions I made. Please let me know


      .Gcash transaction history request.

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          Hi xhidden02, unfortunately, no other mean to retrieved deleted text messages, you may call the GCash hotline 2882 using your Globe mobile or (02)7302282 using a landline. They can tell you the details of the previous transactions of your GCash account.

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            Hi ruin3936

            First - pls don't use your password as username - just kiddin':

            In the GCash app under the options icons is a line called " Transaction History" with a little arrow to the right.

            Click on that and you can see your recent Transaction History. On this page you find a little icon looks like an letter in an envelope, click on that. Here you can specify your email address, select the number of day or better go to custom and type in FROM DATE and TO DATE. The complete transaction history between this two dates will be sent to your email in PDF with password protection. The password is your surname in small caps followed by the last 4 digits of your phone number that you use for GCash. Take care