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    Having problems with adding globe telecom as a payment method, it says error, can't verify account.


      Hey guys, I hope you can help me and I have also seen other questions similar to mine but most of the replies and comments are left unsolved.


      I was able to use globe telecom billing last 2016 (using my old number) but changed it a few months back. I decided that i want to use my carrier to purchase an ebook and saw that i sill have my old number and under it, it says not eligible.


      So the next thing I did is that i updated my number in google account and went back to playstore thinking it will also change but i was wrong. I went to payment methods and remove my old number/ globe telecom and then i tried adding again. It gives me the error message. I talked with google support team and made some troubleshooting steps but was unable to solve. They suggest that i have to talk with my carrier to change settings.