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    How to get back a load shared to a wrong party . . .


      My number is 09163033834.

      I wanted to share 101 pesos to mobile 09272575688.

      Mistakenly I shared it to mobile 09272572688.

      I texted successfully 09272572688 three times already to return my 101 pesos.

      I even gave this party my landline, to contact me for confirmation.

      So far, mobile 09272572688 has not taken any action on this matter at all.


      Date and time of mistake and consequential action from me:

      Today, 020618tue from 9:00 am to 9:30 am.


      Please Globe, can you just return to me my wrongly shared 101 pesos?


      "You have successfully shared P101 with 09272572688 P1/transaction. Thank you for using Share-A-Load. Trans ID: 1833992658 0919AM. Sender 2916 Message Centre +0639170000299 Sent: 6-Feb-2018 09:19:06 am"


      Please Globe, get that 101 pesos back to me, at 09163033834!