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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus


      When will be Samsung update its Tab 7.0 plus to Jelly Bean? I own one from Globe Postpaid. I read in blogs that it has been updated in other countries...

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          As of the moment we are speaking, Samsung released the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean software update, with base firmware XXMC3, for the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus with model number P6200. The tablet was first shipped with Android Honeycomb and was upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich software in July last year. Users can grab the update through Samsung Kies.

          The XXMC3 Jelly Bean update is currently available for the Galaxy Tab users in Austria and is expected to roll out to the other regions soon. The XXMC3 Jelly Bean is an unbranded version of firmware and can be installed on any Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.

          I tried looking for an specific answer to you queries to find out if Samsung has already released to the said update to all regions but was able to find none.

          If OTA (over the air) update is not available on your device, or if it is and says that your device runs on the current Android version but is not the same as the above stated one, then it means that Samsung has not fully rolled-out yet the said update. You may alternatively connect your device on your PC/Laptop using your date cable and run Samsung Kies (assuming you already have it installed) to see whether an update is due.

          Some blogs and websites on the net would say you can have your device updated and running on the current Android firmware, but will have to do some "rooting". To simply put it, you'll have to sort of do some altering or hacking on the device. But this I strongly not recommend doing.

          You may also visit http://www.android.com/ for some further updates on your beloved OS.

          Hope this can be of help.

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            No one knows except Samsung (otherwise someone from Globe should have answered this already by this time).


            The The Southeast Asian (which included the Philippines) ICS update from the original Honeycomb took 3 months after the ICS Austrian version came out.


            The Austrian Jellybean update was released last April and if we take that as a basis, then the official Philippine update for units locked to Globe may probably come late June or July.


            Just like you, I'm hoping it would be earlier than later.