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    Gcash assurance




      good day. I just want to ask something about gcash? The alliance cargo called me regarding with my package. Since the package containing expensive gadget they want me to pay 26, 550. 00 Tru GCASH Transaction i just want to know what was be my assurance that they are not scam? Or should i say that they are legit?

      Because they say that the package still in the custom and the custom did not release the package if i did not pay the amount..

      Cant you please help me on this concern?

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          Where did you order the very expensive gadget? Don't send them money yet. Did you make the order? Make sure to verify it first with the Merchant/Seller you bought the item. It sounds not legit to me.

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            if nasa custom na yung gadget mo.. puntahan mo na lang kesa idaan mo pa sa vendor. para sakin isang malaking warning sign na yun.. di naman nila kelangan ng intervention pag nasa loob na ng pinas yung Item.


            and also fyi, if yung item is 10k or less, wala syang tax or fee.

            if its more than 10k, dun lang magkakaron ng tax based sa total price na naka indicate sa package(si vendor ang usually naglalagay neto. if di nilagyan ni vendor, yung custom ang magaassume at usually mas higher ang price na nilalagay nila compared sa market value.. equals higher duties.)