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    Cancellation & Refund


      Dear Globe,



      I signed up for a 499 no lock up plan on the 29 Jan, 2017.



      I have requested to cancel my account on the 10th of Feb as I was no longer happy with the service. (Still within the 15 day refund period)

      I spoke to Lean Reyes with reference number : CCU18020004159

      -She advised that she was not able to submit a cancellation order due to the ticket # for refund is missing on your system.

      -She confirmed & assured us despite not being able to process the cancellation, that we will no longer be billed and that the cancellation is effective on the date that we contacted when we requested for it to be cancelled.

      -She then advised that someone will contact us after 5 business days for an update



      We waited for days. Then I spoke to Ken Avila after a couple of Days with the reference # CRC 18020005046:



      -He advised that the refund ticket is still not available and that he'll make an adjustment for the charges for the days that we're being charged from the moment that we've requested the cancellation until it gets processed

      -That he'll monitor the account & call us back once the ticket needed for the refund is available.



      Today Feb 18, 2018, I was contacted by Masha around 4pm and advised that there's a change in your process and that we'd have to visit a Globe store to process the refund, by returning the telset, modem and acknowledgement form and the store will provide the reference number that's needed to process the cancellation order w/ refund ticket.



      So we went to the Globe store earlier and arrived around 5pm, we waited for 2 hours.



      Then we were assisted by Chynee at around 7pm and took us almost another 2 hours to just be told that :



      -She said that she can't process the refund request because it has been more than 15 days.

      -We told her about the history of our calls w/ representatives we spoke to. Yet, she can't do anything.

      -She advised that she'll be sending an email to the management first and notify us once she gets a response.



      I am NOT satisfied by the assistance that Chynee provided as she did not provide any reference #, didn't let us know how long should we wait and didn't send an email while we were there. So, I am reaching through your Chat, Facebook & Community in hopes to get to the bottom of this.



      We just want to cancel our account and get the refund processed.



      *Note, this is not the only issue that we have. Just please help us address this first.



      Thank you.