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    Pre termination


      Hello. Kumuha kasi ako ng Iphone 8 Plus kahapon lang 3799 platinum plan then sa august mag papapre terminate ako. Pre termination fee lang ba ang babayadan ko? O yung remaining contract months kaylangan ko pa din bayadan?

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          Yes po. Pre-Termination Fee lang po. It be computed as follows:

          Handset Base Price less Cashout divided by Total months in contract multipy by remaining months + Outstanding balances


          For example,

          iPhone 8 Plus is 51,490

          Cashout: 14,400**

          Plan 3799 under 24 months contract

          Remaining months: 19


          51,490 - 14,400 = 37,090

          37,090/24 months = 1545.416666666667/month

          1545.42 x 19months = 29,362.92 + Outstanding Balances


          **Assumed paid


          You may also coordinate with your Platinum Relationship Manager about this.