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    Monster Hunter World error 5038f-MW1


      Anyone playing Monster Hunter World? I just got Globe Broadband connected but get error 5038f-MW1 when playing online. I try using my PLDT and Mobile tethered net and I can play without issues

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          I was wondering if you found a solution for this? My Monster Hunter World for Sony Playstation 4 have issues connecting to multiplayers online. Also with Monster Hunter Generations in Nintendo 3DS. I have trouble joining and inviting friends online to join my game for MHWorld in PS4, and my Nintendo 3DS connected to my Globe broadband and I was able to successfully play online, then it started last week when I got disconnected and I can no longer connect my 3DS device. I tried restarting the internet but no luck. I'm a hundred percent sure that it is no hardware issue as I can connect to other internet, I really think Globe has limitations with online gaming since I've tried connecting my device through my mobile data (hotspot) and I was able to connect but I cannot join my friends in their hunt online.

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            Experiencing the same problem! Any fix available?

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              Hello! I still would like to answer this even though it's been months. error code 5038F MW1 is a result of the launch day strain on the game's servers. Meaning there were too many people on the same server at one time. Probably a whole bunch of Globe users on the same server. This is just a theory, but this also happened to a few users with different ISP as well.


              I have no solid idea why only Globe is frequently being confronted by this error code, then you'll either have to revert to offline play or create your own session and hope for the best.