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    how can i know what subscriptions are deducting my load in my prepaid account


      i cannot remember anything that i had subscribed to my prepaid account with games, music, etc..but everytime i load my account with 300 call card and even in retail stores with 100, 50 or 30 pesos regular load, my load seems to have unauthorized deductions..


      yes i have availed of loan promos in emergency cases but i keep track of these deductions..however, after the authorized deductions have been made, still my load keeps on reducing..


      for mobile data, i seldom use it in our area since it is a deadspot, but one time i have noticed that even if my data is off, i received messages that i have used the internet thus the deductions to my load.


      as a result, i see to it that when i load a particular amount, i subscribed to gosakto immediately so that the amount close to the gosakto promo i subscribed will be almost the same with the regular load that i have availed of..


      nonetheless, i want these unauthorized deductions to be stop..