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    Load keeps being deducted.


      I'm having problem with the service. I keep receiving a popup message from *143# saying that my load balance has been deducted for connecting to the internet which is OBVIOUSLY incorrect. Load amount is P6.00 or less and that's every 10-30minutes interval. I noticed that a lot of users are experiencing the same problem so imagine the total amount of load being stolen, theiving bastards. And there hasn't been no solutions from the provider yet. I'm using an android phone so phone model is not an issue, I'm also aware of turning OFF my data since that's very basic, I don't have any apps installed that connects to the internet (data or wifi) automatically, I'm not subscribed to any services that SHOULD consume my load without my permission. I want to keep my number and I' ve been a Globe user since day one but I won't mind switching to other services if this keeps on happening.