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    Where to escalate this? CS already created more than 3 tickets but issue was never addressed!


      Hi Globe/Community. Goodmorning!. I just want to report an issue regarding my concerns on my globe broadband account. Home DSL.


      Account Name: Redwin Cruz

      Tel no. 02 369 7099


      Issue: The wire outside of our house was hit by a vehicle so the line was split into two. To temporary fix the issue, i myself connected it via scotch tape but after that, the connection is really bad. Upload test on speed test was not able to hit and its not completing most of the time.


      So, January I called your helpdesk to report the issue and got a ticket no of 35259546. And requested to replace the wire that has been hit. But after few followups the ticket just got closed! And base on the report a techinician visit us!!! But there was none!!


      So Feb 4, i reported the issue again and request imediate  assistance since its impacting my work and i can't send an emails even the size of the email is just 100kb!! So got a ticket number 35480520, helpdesk promised that a technician will be sent on the same day and they already escalated it! So i waited whole day. And there's none.  So i follow up again and they said that due to work load that's why not able to visit!!! So they promised february 5 technicial will be sent again but there's none. Until the ticket got closed again.


      So upon repetetive follow up, here i am again with the 3rd ticket, reference no. 35795986. Still got the same old reasons and my ticket just got closed!!!


      And i've also noticed that fiber is already available in our area since some agents are now roaming here and offering fibr, so i called your hotline and requested that just convert my line to fibr due to the issues i encountered, but they say that they cant just do it since there's still an issue that i reported and still not fixed. In order to proceed to fiber upgrade, the issue needs to  fixed first before they can arrange the fiber upgrade! Imagine, how will it be fixed if they never visit my place?


      So upon desperation, i reached out to Globe facebook page and they said they will process the issue. So i got the ticket number 35832960, but still the ticket just got closed. Page responded that the technician checked their facility and it was ok thats why it got closed!


      Anyone can help me regarding this?


      Thank you.