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    Recurring Issue with Globe Landline and Internet


      I have been experiencing recurring issues with my Landline and Internet for the past year. My landline will lose its dial tone but when you try to call the landline using a cellphone, it will ring on the side of the cellphone but not on the landline. I lose internet as well whenever this happens but there will be instances that landline will be dead and internet is connected but only for half or less than half of the speed. Makes me think my connection is Pair Bonded. This happens whenever a globe technician does something to the box or on the overhead wires. This January 2018, I had the issue again but it was repaired. It recurred again this February 7 then repaired February 12. February 16, we cannot use the landline because globe was upgrading the box and was finished February 18. February 20 I noticed I lost the landline again and checked the internet. My Speed now is 3mbps but it should be 15mbps. Called in February 20 to report the issue, but agent only recorded slow internet. My schedule was Feb 21 as per agent but upon receiving a text from globe, it was Feb 28. confirmed with a globe agent earlier it is Feb 28 and referred me to his supervisor but supervisor never called back. Is there a way to expedite this? Also, why can they no longer transfer me to the loyalty department for compensation? I'm about to file a complaint with NTC since my history for repair since 2008 has been the same and it is always the technician's fault why I keep losing dial tone due to loose cable.