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    Prepaid SIM upgrade to LTE - unexpected text message from the same number


      Good day! If I'm posting this question to the incorrect thread, please delete it. I just have a question regarding the SIM upgrade from prepaid to LTE. I did this last year, within October or November 2017 at EDSA shangrila globe store. I didn't have any contacts saved in it so as messages. No important info saved in that sim except for the active load it still had. I'm not sure if this makes any sense but my friend who I have been texting only just received a text message which I didn't really send. And it showed under our conversation and my friend claims that it was sent by me. I'd check my replies to my friend but it never show and I didn't delete because i didn't do it. i don't want to think somebody could possibly be doing it or might be a glitch. i don't know. i know its really hard to believe but it just happened. I asked my friend to send a screen shot of it but will check for it later, when i asked my friend about it, the way the message was composed is way different on how i send it to my friend but it really did come from the number I'm using but I told my friend that I swear that I didn't send it. I hope someone can explain to me what happened. Thanks and more power!