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    Class Action for Cheating Globe At Home Customers



      I recently bought Gobe At Home Prepaid which offer homesurf15 promo advertised as 1GB for 15 pesos for 3 days (add-on to gosurf50). After using it for a while I discovered:

      1. It is not possible to buy 1GB for 15 pesos because homesurf15 can only be registered via share-a-promo (even via GoneAtHome app) which cost additional 1 peso. So the minimal you have to pay to globe for homesurf15 promo is 16 pesos,

      2. The actual validity period of homesurt15 subscription is 1 day, not 3 days


      Talking to customer service (including supervisor) gave nothing. They are unable to explain how advertised 3 days is reduced to 1 day.


      This definitely qualifies as false marketing.


      I believe there are thousands of customers who are misled by this false marketing, most of them are probably not even aware of being cheated on.


      I'd like to ask if anyone here would support a class action against Globe requiring Globe to pay compensations Glone At Home Customers and applicable fines.


      If you'd like to join this possible class action - please contact me.