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    How to load mol points


      I've tried sending to 5333 there's no respose. I also tried sending to 2656 and this is wat I received 

      "Sorry we have failed to successfully process your MOL Points purchase.

      Please call 887-3973, so that we can reprocess your MOL Points purchase." when i tried calling it said the no.  is invalid pls help.

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          Please note that each mobile number can only purchase ONE e-PIN every hour. Make sure also that you have enough prepaid load before texting.


          Please retry your purchase by  sending MOL<space>Denomination to 2656.

          Example: MOL 150


          MOL DenominationWhat to send to 2656?Load Deduction
          20MOL 20P 30.00
          50MOL 50P 74.00
          100MOL 100P 148.00
          150MOL 150P 222.00
          250MOL 250P 370.00
          300MOL 300P 444.00
          500MOL 500P 739.00
          1000MOL 1000P 1,477.00
          2000MOL 2000P 2,954.00