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      On the first week of December 2017, I called your customer service asking re my net, since I would have left the country for several months. All of the three agents I talked to, they told me I can have a TEMPORARY DISCONNECTION and I could extend how many times I want by just messagging customer service before the end of the extension.I called last 10 Dec. 2017 to start  the temporary disconnection of my net. When I messaged last Jan 10 2018 your customer service, they told me theRE WAS NO REPORT ABOUT IT and I should have paid 500,36 pesos. I asked MANY TIMES TO HELP ME AND PROVIDE THE NEEDED ASSISTANCE. Non one helped me and now I have received an email that i have to pay 2500 pesos. I am still abroad and NO ONE IS FREAKING YOUR NET. If I knew it would have ended in this way, I would definitely had a cut of the net. What will happen to my bill ? Will I need to pay thousands of pesos because of your negligence of your clients? I do not know who I can talk to and I have complained 10 times and more to your customer service through messenger but nothing.