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    Lauron Delos Reyes and Partners Scam Warning


      Are Globe actually going to take action against these scammers?


      We get calls every other day now (on our landline, because they don't actually know our mobile numbers), claiming that we have unpaid bills from years ago, and we need to pay or face a court case in QC.


      Their modus before was to give a random mobile number and account number, in the hope that people had maybe forgotten an old account. Recently they changed this, claming Data Privacy laws means they can't give you this information. All you have to do is trust them and send money to them.


      Obviously it's a scam, I collected as much info as I could yesterday :-


      lauron delos reyes and partners




      8773910 loc 212 / 285


      0945 509 4511


      Just take a look at that "website", it's been created in 5 minutes and is obviously fake. Reported this info to Globe via their FB messenger account, and got a boilerplater reply about reporting spam. This isn't spam, it's illegal activity, falsely representing themselves as Globe representatives. At what point will Globe take this seriously I wonder?


      The funny thing is that they tried again today, same girl who called kahapon. When I told her everything was reported to Globe, galit na galit sya!


      "Saan ang proof mo", "Sino kausap mo sa Globe" etc etc. Does that sound like a professional law firm? Or a bunch of immoral call center agents knowingly cheating people just so they can make some money?


      Globe, please take this seriously and take some action - this needs a proper awareness campaign in the print and TV media, warning everyone about these scammers and their modus.