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    Globe Not Fully Resetting Monthly Bandwidth allocation


      Anyone else experiencing this scenario:

      After start of month your Globe app shows 50GB usage. At first I thought this was normal last February because I only checked it in the middle of the month.


      This month (March 3) I checked if my broadband has been reset and to my surprise it shows 57GB used. I called their support and they said according to their system only 7GB has been used so far. They claim it is a bug with their app. Ignore it for the mean time. Okay. Fine.


      10 days later to my surprise I got the landing page that I have used 82GB of my bandwidth. Wtf?! I called their support again because they assured me this was just a bug. Lo and behold their "system" now suddenly ALSO shows 82GB usage! We tried to trace where the usage comes from. I'm only home at night so the whole day the modem is off. Let's just assume that I watch my usual series at 3GB a day, a reasonable usage pattern. That coincides to the 30GB added on top of the starting 50GB they stole from me!


      The support then proceeded to sell me their "alternative" plan of 5MBPS with a higher bandwidth allocation. I'm like, what hell?


      So I'm sensing a racket here. You guys are screwing with our accounts so can sell us your bullshit add-ons!


      Whoever is your business developer, Globe, tell them to go screw themselves or better yet, show their faces to me so I can bash their heads in.