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    How to Register


      Hi. Good morning. How can I register if I want to have a 30-day surf data. Thanks.

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          1. if you're using Globe Broadband Prepaid Home WiFi, logon to or
          2. Login using the username and  password found at the back of your modem.
          3. Click the “Send Text” or "SMS" tab, send surf promo applicable below to 8080
          • GS299 send to 8080 for 1.5GB Surfing for 30 days
          • GS599 send to 8080 for 4GB Surfing for 30 days
          • GS999 send to 8080 for 8GB Surfing for 30 days


          you may also avail of HOMESURF 599 for 30 DAYS for 15GB  surfing via the Globe At Home app.