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    Can someone help me with my Globe broadband account? NTC COMPLAINT SENT


      Last December 2016, we applied for Globe DSL broadband 10mbps. I am having minimal issues before however on 11 January 2018 major problem started. I can't use the internet properly, there are times that I have no connection at all.


      Multiple technician visits were done and to find out on 03 March 2018, 10mbps dsl is not available in my location and that' s the main reason for this intermittent internet connection. They said that it's only 5mbps dsl is available here. So I have to downgrade it to 5mbps.


      I wasted a lot of my hours calling Globe telecoms hotline about this issue without compensating my time.


      It's very unfair that since December 2016 we are paying for a service worth 10mbps dsl with the fact that we are not getting the service we're paying for as this is unavailable.


      How come that we are being billed more than the service available in our location? Why did they connected a 10mbps internet service if in the first placenit's not available in my location?


      Moreover, they provided bill adjustment covering January 11 2018 to March 03 2018 however I still need to pay the bill on or before the due dates as these adjustments will reflect in 1-2 billing cycle. It's unfair to pay the service you haven't use though...


      During the times that I call Globe hotline, I am also encountering rude agents. Some of them put be back to queue and some of them transferred me to disconnection team just to avoid me and pass me to another agent. That's very frustrating and I know it's not being tolerated in call centers..