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    GLOBE please don't ignore our issues just because we're only PREPAID users.


      Now I know common "prepaid user issue" lang ito. Pero the fact of the matter is hindi pa ito na resolve kahit saan ako maghanap dito sa mga thread sa Globe Community.


      Let me restate the issue Globe. And i strongly doubt you'll address this anytime soon. Everytime my Gosurf50 promo expires, i immediately register to a new Gosurf50. (Kase sulit eh)

      However, everytime I key in the code for the freebie for the NEW instance of Gosurf50 (e.g. GS50 VIDEO) I receive a message saying:


      "Sorry, you already availed a freebie from GoSURF 50. Register to another GoSURF promo to avail of other freebies. For a list of GoSURF offers, text GS MORE to 8080."


      Which is BULLSH*T, because kakaregister ko lang.

      I tried to send "GOSURF50 STOP" everytime before mag re-register hoping it will fix pero useless pa rin. I guess ill wait a few months before i hear from u Globe? As per you "standard customer service procedure"


      --from a low-priority  PREPAID user

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          I agree that prepaid subscribers like us should not be taken for granted. In fact, I believe that we have more in numbers compared with their postpaid subscribers and we might be generating more revenues for their company than their postpaid subscribers. I'm not into surfing thus I seldom register to the promo. I suggest calling 211 or (02) 730-1000 to be assisted better by a Globe representative as they are well trained and equipped to handle your concern.

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